We ordered a cord of wood from Scenic Seitz online and it went perfectly smooth! Not only did he accommodate a time based request for a forecasted storm, it was lightening fast.

Anon N.

I've ordered firewood (which has burned great) from here several times. I also got a load of stones once. Each time Cory has delivered the order promptly and cheerfully. He's one of those rare businessmen to have a genuine concern for quality and customer service. Will keep him in mind for other projects!

Michael W.

Cory and his team have been fantastic to work with now for our second year. Our most recent order was. For a 1/2 cord of wood. I ordered online, which was SIMPLE, and they delivered and stacked perfectly about a week later (see picture). Great communication (that is the key to making me happy), and they have always delivered the product exactly as they said they would. A class act that my wife and I will continue to use.

Matt D.

I ordered a 1/2 cord of firewood from them. I did this online which was easy and simple. Less then 14 hours later they showed up at my door with a 1/2 cord of wood. They stacked the wood where I designated neatly and quickly. All of the wood was of high quality and clearly seasoned well. Sometimes you get firewood that says it is seasoned but shows decay and insect problems. This was all great wood delivered effortlessly. I highly recommend them

J P.

Wow! Cory you rock! Not the best communicators but worth the wait. You will get my business every year. I ordered online. Paid by CC# and when I didn't get a call or email on when it would be delivered I was worried. I called a few times and left a message. Out of the blue Cory calls says to me. Hey sorry we have been real busy. We will get you in about a week or so. Waited a week and emailed to find out if I was on the schedule and when. Cory emails me back says he is out on deliveries and would look at the schedule tonight. He shows up at my house around 6:30pm. Said he was sorry about the communication breakdown. He unloads and stacks the best Half a Cord 4X4X2 racks on my patio. We need to support this company. Hard working great people.

D M.